• Beirut artists

    Jamal Saleh

    Jamal is a Beirut-based collage artist and designer.

    Maleeha El Sadr

    Maleeha is a visual artist and wanna-be nihilist in Michigan who begrudgingly finds meaning and symbolism in everything, feeding her involuntary idealism, and rendering her confused.

    Moussa Shabandar

    A visual artist and filmmaker who lives and works between Lebanon and the UK, Moussa's current work explores the visual impact of buildings on their environment.

    Riham El Ghosseini

    Riham is a graphic designer and photographer from Lebanon who seeks answers and inspirations in nature.

    Saba Sadr

    Saba is an Iranian-Lebanese painter and installation artist who lives in Beirut and Los Angeles

    Reem Ghaddar

    Reem is a graphic designer and a doodle artist from Lebanon.